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Net Zero Short Courses

Rapid learning for today's Net Zero targets

Get Ahead in the Net Zero Transition

Four immersive courses delivering actionable skills across the Built Environment

London South Bank University (LSBU) is proud to have created this ground-breaking programme of short courses, designed to upskill individuals across a choice of subjects, all related to Net Zero buildings.

"These courses provide the most up-to-date Net Zero and systems change thinking. The result is a unique, fresh qualification that directly responds to sector needs"
Professor Aaron Gillich
Professor Aaron Gillich, Professor of Building Decarbonisation, LSBU’s School of the Built Environment and Architecture, and Director of the BSRIA LSBU Net Zero Building Centre (NZBC)

Designing Net Zero Buildings

Teaching the critical elements involved in designing buildings that don’t rely on fossil fuels, this Net Zero short course focuses on the whole-building systems and HVAC engineering and is aimed at those who are familiar with the built environment but not with low-carbon building services.

Operating Net Zero Buildings

Developed in response to the growing demand for organisations to mitigate operational carbon and demonstrate compliance with increasingly stringent targets, this Net Zero short course teaches facilities and maintenance managers how to operate buildings that deliver optimal comfort, cost and operation efficiency without reliance on fossil fuels, through an understanding of good control design and data management.

Product name

Procuring Net Zero Buildings

Designed for decision-makers seeking to procure more sustainable project portfolios — e.g. within councils or planning, social housing or estate management — this Net Zero short course demonstrates new methods and practices that result in truly sustainable buildings that deliver to Net Zero requirements for their whole life-cycle. It includes the importance of whole-life carbon accounting and the role of procurement in reducing embodied carbon.

Leadership & Management for Net Zero Buildings

Designed for mid-career professionals, this short course covers the global context of climate change, the boundaries, challenges and opportunities of Net Zero within the built environment, and the drivers of system change. It teaches the complex skills required to develop Net Zero energy strategies, including life-cycle planning and responsible sourcing, as well as supply-chain management for all project types, whether new build, retrofit or RMI.


Responding to sector demand

The UK Built Environment is facing a rapid shift in culture and mindset as the demand for Net Zero accelerates and leaders are expected to deliver on 2050-ready forecasts. As a result, the demand for Net Zero skills has never been keener - with more and more individuals and organisations are looking to develop distinct skills to procure, design and operate a new generation of fossil-fuel free buildings.

A New Type of Learning - A New Type of Loan

Covering four highly relevant and sought-after topics. Each course benefits from a new type of rapid learning, spanning one immersive term, commencing January 2023, and graduating May 2023.

Best of Both Worlds

The first week of the course will be spent at LSBU’s central London campus with an intensive week of lectures, workshops and site visits.

Students then work remotely on individual and group projects, before returning to campus for a final week at the end of term.


A team of industry-leading lecturers and guest speakers will guide you through a curriculum combining lectures, site visits, workshops and tutorials.

These will deliver practical, hands-on knowledge, centred around team work and collaboration.

Actionable Skills

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to research, write and report on Net Zero imperatives pertaining to your subject.

You'll be equipped to exert influence within your project, teams or organisation and respond intelligently and diligently to the rapidly-evolving Net Zero agenda.

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*This short course pilot has been developed with the support of the Office For Students (OFS) new Lifelong Loan Entitlement (LLE) Scheme, meaning applicants can apply for a student loan to cover tuition fees, irrespective of they already have a first degree or other qualifications. [LINK]. Each cohort of 4 courses will run concurrently (Jan to May). Second and subsequent courses can be taken in following years.